Areas of Expertise


As the only ASHI certified home inspector in North Dakota, Nordic Home Inspection inspects new and existing homes, condos, aparments and townhomes.

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We conduct commercial and multi-family inspection services to evaluate the property for condition, safety and structural integrity.

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Lars Knobloch is a veteran mold inspector and a Council Certified Indoor Environmentalist. He provides indoor environmental services through Nordic Environmental.

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Make sure your radon test is performed by a professional. Lars Knobloch is one of few Certified Radon Measurement Professionals in our community.

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Certified Home, Mold & Radon Inspector

Nordic Home Inspection offers professional home inspection and testing services for residential and commercial properties in Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota.

At Nordic Home Inspection, we take pride in delivering exceptional inspection services.   After the inspection is completed, we will provide you with a detailed inspection report about the condition of your property. The report includes pictures, explanations and advice for maintaining your home.

Founded in 2010, we offer more than 14 years of experience in construction, home inspections and the mold business. The Owner Lars Knobloch, is a certified home inspector, certified commercial and residential mold inspector,  a council certified indoor environmentalist, and a certified radon measurement provider. Lars, has completed the AHIT Home Inspection Class and is also a Certified ASHI Inspector and is insured and certified with the State of North Dakota.

For more information about our certified home inspection services in Fargo and Moorhead, contact Nordic Home Inspection today.