Avoid Future Headaches and Expenses
With A Sewer Line Inspection

Nordic Inspections now offers sewer line inspection services to property owners throughout the Fargo, Grand Forks, Wahpeton, North Dakota areas as well as those in the surrounding areas of Moorhead, Detroit Lakes, and Dilworth, Minnesota.

Now, home buyers can have complete peace of mind knowing that their dream home is free from any lurking sewer line issues. Having a sewer camera inspection can point out critical and even potential future problems with drainage and toilet waste. Gone are the days of expensive and invasive digging to diagnose sewer line problems. Our state-of-the-art sewer line camera inspection technology allows you to see deep into the underground labyrinth of pipes, identifying any potential blockages, leaks, or deterioration without any disruption to your property.

Real Sewer LINE Inspection Videos in Fargo, ND

Types of Issues We Find During A Sewer Line Inspection

You deserve to know the true condition of your new home’s sewer line before making such a significant investment. With our camera inspections, you can witness the clear, high-definition footage of every inch of your sewer line. Our expert inspectors will guide the advanced camera through the sewer line system, thoroughly examining every nook and cranny, ensuring that there are no hidden surprises waiting to drain your wallet. Common observations are roots intrusion, foreign objects, flushable wipes, offsets, poor drainage, blockage, improper repairs, poor installation, and damaged and cracked pipes.

We’ll check to make sure the condition of your line’s pipe walls are in good shape and that the surrounding ground has not caused a shift or fully collapsed the pipe leading to a complete blockage and thus, leading to a surprise you or a household member, often stumble upon in your homes basement months after purchasing your new home. Who needs that headache? Addressing the issue before a purchase can save you from being responsible for costly repairs, especially in winter.

What To Do After The Inspection If Issues Are Found?

Knowing there may be problems with the septic system or sewer line can be a “make or break” factor in the home buying process; after all, this can affect the water you and your family are going to use daily by draining into the water table and ending up in well water.

Not only do our sewer line camera inspections save you from unexpected repair costs, but they also provide you with critical information for negotiation purposes. You can confidently approach the negotiation table armed with solid evidence of the sewer line’s condition, potentially saving thousands of dollars on your purchase.

Don’t let sewer line issues sink your dreams of homeownership. Take control of your investment with our cutting-edge sewer line camera inspection service. Invest in peace of mind, protect your wallet, and ensure that your new home’s sewer line is in pristine condition.

Trust THE NORSEMeN, your future self will thank you.