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Bismarck News Article – KXNET

Bismarck Newspaper Article – Originally Posted November 07, 2016 By Bismarck News KXNET Fargo, ND (WDAY/WDAZ News) – It may not feel like it this Sunday, but winter is almost here and that can be bad news for your wallet. People enjoyed the sunshine on Sunday, throwing football, walking their dogs, and playing at the… Read more »

The Grand Forks Herald Article

Newspaper Article Written By Helmut Schmidt – February 16, 2016 From: The Grand Forks Herald FARGO – A glance at the website for Nordic Home Inspection gives you a look through the portals of home inspection hell. Lars Knobloch, the owner of Nordic Home Inspection, is one of a few dozen full- and part-time inspectors… Read more »

WDAY Inforum News Article

Article Written By Helmut Schmidt – February 16th 2016 From: INFORUM FARGO – When it comes to home inspections, it doesn’t hurt to look at the subject from a lot of angles, says Lars Knobloch, owner of Nordic Home Inspection. That’s why Knobloch and other home area home inspectors will look at homes up close,… Read more »

The Forum and WDAY News

Article Written By Ryan Johnson – February 22nd 2015 Originally Posted On: INFORUM FARGO – Michelle Torpen knew high humidity in a home could cause a big mold problem, but she was stunned to find out her 3-year-old house had mold – and required an $18,000 fix. “It seems like when you hear stories about… Read more »

Inforum News Article

Article Written By Tracy Frank –  November 7, 2013 Originally Posted By: INFORUM FARGO – Local inspectors are often amazed by how many crucial maintenance tasks homeowners routinely neglect. The tasks are usually simple DIY projects, but neglecting them could be dangerous for their families and their homes. “I’m surprised by how much people don’t… Read more »

Inforum News Article

An Interview with Tracy Frank at Inforum: Written By: Tracy Frank Jun 6th 2011 – 12am Fargo – Lars Knobloch likes to poke around what are often private areas in a home. He peers into cabinets, crawls through attics, and scours the hidden recesses of basements. It’s not that he’s nosy. It’s his job. Knobloch… Read more »