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Sump pump discharge in winter

In preparation for the winter season, we recommend installing a larger pipe (for example a 4″ PVC pipe) over the pipe that comes out of the exterior wall (Fig. 6). With the larger pipe in place it is less likely to freeze and you are still able to discharge sump pump water away from the… Read more »

Risks to your home with sudden snow melt

This frigid year of 2019, has already given us snow fall somewhere around 35-45” in our general area, and this coming weekend another 6-8” of wet snow may dump down on us, followed by a back-to-back winter storm that is predicted for Tuesday. As we finally are starting to gain hope that the temperature might… Read more »

How ice dams form and how to correct it

Ice dams most commonly occur in older homes as a result of inadequate insulation and/or ventilation. We will cover how ice dams happen in homes built with knee walls, and how it can be prevented. Typically, these types of homes are one and half-stories with an attic on top, and a sloped ceiling resting on… Read more »

Winter Hazards In Your Home

Winter weather is causing safety hazards in homes in the Fargo and Moorhead area. Many home owners do not understand the possible consequences of neglecting them, or how to correct these problems. We have listed the 6 most common issues that we see on a day to day basis, and what to do to fix… Read more »

Fuse Panel vs Breaker Panel

Homes built prior to around 1960 were equipped with fuse panels often with a 60 or 100-amp service. These fuse panels are considered outdated and most of them do not meet today’s energy needs. Also, an upgrade might be necessary to satisfy both FHA and other lending institution requirements for home sales. The cost of… Read more »

Sewer Line Failure and Replacement

We try to make home buyers aware of it during our home inspections, and we will continue to create awareness on this subject as long as we are in business. In case you don’t know; Home Inspectors are not able to evaluate the underground sewer line from the house to the street. Failure of the… Read more »


Did you know that you could decrease your energy use in the summer by using a ceiling fan? Running a ceiling fan could only cost 2-3 cent per hour and will make your house feel cooler. A central air conditioner will cost $.30 – $.70 per hour depending on the size and age of the… Read more »