A drain tile depressurization system is a radon mitigation method for homes with basements or crawl spaces. It involves:

  1. Utilizing Existing Drain Tile:
  • The system connects to the drain tile installed around the basement perimeter.
  1. Installing Radon Vent Pipe:
  • A vent pipe is added to the drain tile, leading to the suction point.
  1. Negative Pressure Setup:
  • A radon-rated fan induces negative pressure under the basement, drawing radon and soil gases.
  1. Outdoor Exhaust:
  • Radon and soil gases are directed through the vent pipe and expelled outside.
  1. Monitoring and Maintenance:
  • The system includes monitoring for ongoing effectiveness and requires periodic maintenance.

This active mitigation method prevents radon from entering living spaces by intercepting soil gases and exhausting them outdoors.