A Foundation Elevation Survey inspection is a specialized process used to evaluate the levelness and stability of a home’s foundation. The Foundation Elevation system is a digital, high-precision altimeter that provides accurate and reliable measurements of elevations. When incorporated into a home inspection, the Foundation Elevation inspection helps assess potential issues related to the foundation’s structural integrity. Here’s what you can typically expect from a Foundation Elevation Survey inspection as part of a comprehensive home inspection:

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Initial Assessment:
The inspector will conduct a visual examination of the exterior and interior areas of the foundation, looking for visible signs of damage, such as cracks, shifts, or uneven settling.

Placement of Foundation Elevation System:
The Foundation Elevation Survey system consists of a digital level and a base unit. The inspector will strategically place the base unit on a reference point inside the home, often in a central location.

Data Collection:
The Foundation Elevation Survey system is used to collect precise elevation data at multiple points across the foundation. This data is typically recorded digitally and can be analyzed to identify variations in elevation.

Analysis of Data:
The collected elevation data is analyzed to determine if there are any significant irregularities or deviations from the expected levelness. This analysis helps identify areas where the foundation may be settling unevenly or experiencing structural stress.

Identification of Issues:
The Foundation Elevation Survey inspection can reveal issues such as foundation settlement, heaving, or lateral movement. These problems can be indicative of underlying structural issues that may require further investigation or remediation.

Report Generation:
The inspector will generate a detailed report outlining the findings of the Foundation Elevation Survey inspection. This report may include elevation measurements, identified issues, and recommendations for further action if necessary.

Recommendations for Repairs:
If any foundation issues are identified, the inspector may provide recommendations for repairs or further evaluation by a structural engineer. This information is valuable for homeowners and potential buyers, helping them make informed decisions about the property.

A Foundation Elevation Survey inspection is particularly useful for detecting subtle changes in the elevation of a home’s foundation, which might not be apparent during a visual inspection alone. By incorporating this technology, home inspectors can provide a more thorough assessment of the structural integrity of a property, contributing to the overall understanding of its condition.

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