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  Extreme weather is becoming more common in our area with conditions that fluctuate from very wet to very dry within a matter of days. It is possible to have no water in your basement even if you have a negative grade around your home, but the issue should be addressed to prepare for that… Read more »

Fuse Panel vs Breaker Panel

Homes built prior to around 1960 were equipped with fuse panels often with a 60 or 100-amp service. These fuse panels are considered outdated and most of them do not meet today’s energy needs. Also, an upgrade might be necessary to satisfy both FHA and other lending institution requirements for home sales. The cost of… Read more »

Wood foundation, a disaster waiting to happen?

I feel sorry for the wood foundation. Not because it’s terribly unsound – because it’s not. Not because it’s known to settle or have chronic moisture problems, because that’s not true either. I am not sure where it’s coming from, but we commonly hear concerns about the wood foundation from home buyers. I have even… Read more »

Behind-The-Scenes Of A Home Inspection (Video)

Behind-The-Scenes Of A Home Inspection (Video)

It’s not enough just being told that you need a home inspection for someone to understand why. Using words cannot always justify what goes into a home inspection and how it is important if you are buying or selling your property. In the previous blog we discussed Why You Need A Commercial Inspection. In this… Read more »