Behind-The-Scenes Of A Home Inspection (Video)

It’s not enough just being told that you need a home inspection for someone to understand why. Using words cannot always justify what goes into a home inspection and how it is important if you are buying or selling your property.

In the previous blog we discussed Why You Need A Commercial Inspection. In this one we will tackle the inspection of a house and the integral parts that is involved from the point-of-view of the home inspector using some of the video we have collected over the years.

Home Inspection Videos

Here are a few of the videos that feature different aspects and processes that show you what goes into an inspection.

Dryer Vents

As you can see from the video, if your dryer vent opening hasn’t been properly ventilated, from when the siding was attached, that the lint can collect inside the duct. This can cause a safety hazard and possible fire if was not detected and eventually taken care of.

Trees On Your Property

Inspect trees around your house and take them down if needed. Otherwise the summer storms will do it for you, and possibly damage your house for thousands of dollars!

Thermal Imaging Service for Home Inspection

A thermal imaging service is provided to aid in our home inspection for mold inspections & more!

In conclusion you can see from the videos that you need a home inspector who is looking out for your best needs and is capable of finding even the smallest blemishes in a home inspection.Behind-The-Scenes Of A Home Inspection (Video)

As you can see from the behind-the-scenes videos, getting the inspection process right is a number one priority. If you live in the Fargo, ND area and want your home inspection done by a professional, contact Nordic Home Inspection today!


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