What You May Find During a Home Inspection

There are plenty of interesting things in your home that you may not know of when buying a new house, or even after living there for several years.  A home inspection is always a must because the average home owner may not catch the issue right away. Lars Knobloch, owner of Nordic Home Inspection has come across some rather crazy things during his inspections.

Lars from Nordic Home Inspection found a mouse in a water softenerToo Much Mold

After being called to inspect a home that had its electricity shut off to save money, Lars discovered the mold to be everywhere because of the amount of water flooded from the sump pump in the basement.  Moisture is the number one cause of mold, and if it isn’t taken care of immediately, the mold will start to destroy the house and cause an odor like no other.  Yes, the neighbors will definitely notice the smell and possibly call the police.

Get out your flood pants

There are certain things people may overlook on new homes because they think, “Well, it’s a newer build, so I am sure the builders did everything right, right?” Wrong! Home owners tend to believe the builders, electricians, and everyone else involved have done their job correctly, but that isn’t always the case. On a five-year old home inspection, Lars discovered a sump pump outlet near a window well, which caused water to get into the drain tile and eventually drip into the basement covering the floor. The house had to be gutted.

Open electrical wires?

If you find electrical wires sticking out of places in your home, it’s probably a sign that you should get it looked at or fixed.  Those, we know will cause issues at some point if they’re not taken care of. Of course, Lars found some junction boxes in the attic with bare electrical wires and splices sticking out covered with insulation.

What to do?

You should always make sure your home is inspected properly, even if it is a rather new home. Nordic Home Inspections will give you a proper inspection. Give us a call today at 701-566-1446 if you notice any issues or think you need an updated inspection!