1-Year Warranty Inspection

A 1-Year Warranty Inspection reviews the condition of your home in Grand Forks, Fargo, Detroit Lakes and Wahpeton, North Dakota right before the builder’s warranty expires. A lot can happen to a home in a year, from ground settling affecting drainage, to appliance issues, it is good to know about issues so they can be addressed.

A 1-Year Warranty Inspection includes, but is not limited to:

Roof Home Inspection. The inspector will enter the roof as long as the pitch is not too steep or covered with ice. Roof wear will be determined, as well as advice for how to get a longer life out of the roof. Gutters, downspouts, vents, skylights, flashings and chimney will also be inspected and evaluated.

Heating & Cooling Systems. These will be tested and operated, inspected for proper installation. All heat sources will be inspected for proper operation and air flow.

Foundation & Structural. The foundation will be thoroughly inspected for cracks, bowing or other possible deficiencies along with recommendations for repairs. Other structural components such as joists, rafters, beams, and posts will be inspected for proper installation and condition.

Exterior Components. Driveway, grading, trim, siding, soffits, vents, deck, steps, electrical, windows, and doors will be inspected and evaluated for minor to major deficiencies.

Attic & Crawlspace. The inspector WILL ENTER the attic and crawlspace, and actually move around to look for leaks, rodents, electrical wiring, plumbing, proper ventilation and insulation as well as any structural issues.

Mold & Moisture. The inspector is an experienced and certified mold inspector, and knows exactly where any mold growth could be present in the house. If the inspector suspects any moisture in the basement, he will not hesitate with pulling the carpet in the corners, or even look behind the baseboards to find evidence of current of past moisture. The source of the problem will be located as well as advice for repairs.

Plumbing. Faucets, pipes and drains will be inspected for leaks, condition and proper installation. Water heater will be inspected for proper operation and installation.

Electrical. All outlets and lights will be inspected for correct installation and operation. Electrical panel will be thoroughly inspected for correct installation as well advice and recommendations regarding if the panel will meet the expectations for your future electrical needs.

Garage. Garage will be inspected for structural issues, electrical, proper operation and installation of overhead doors, and roof coverings.

Doors & Windows. All doors and windows will be operated and thoroughly inspected for condition and proper operation.

Appliances. All appliances will be operated for proper operation.