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Did you know that leaks at the gas meter are common in our area?

One of the most common things we find during our inspections are leaks at the gas meter. If you are suspecting a leak and don’t have a gas detector there is another method you can use to detect a leak: Use a water and dish soap solution and “paint” the soapy sudsy mix over all… Read more »

Wood foundation, a disaster waiting to happen?

I feel sorry for the wood foundation. Not because it’s terribly unsound – because it’s not. Not because it’s known to settle or have chronic moisture problems, because that’s not true either. I am not sure where it’s coming from, but we commonly hear concerns about the wood foundation from home buyers. I have even… Read more »


Did you know that you could decrease your energy use in the summer by using a ceiling fan? Running a ceiling fan could only cost 2-3 cent per hour and will make your house feel cooler. A central air conditioner will cost $.30 – $.70 per hour depending on the size and age of the… Read more »

The Importance Of Removing Knob And Tube Wiring That Is Buried In Insulation

One of the most hazardous elements of a home is the electrical system. Most old homes go too many years without an updated electrical panel, wiring and outlets. For not having knowledge of a damaged and dangerous electrical system, you could be at the risk of a preventable fire. In older homes, electrical work was… Read more »

Behind-The-Scenes Of A Home Inspection (Video)

It’s not enough just being told that you need a home inspection for someone to understand why. Using words cannot always justify what goes into a home inspection and how it is important if you are buying or selling your property. In the previous blog we discussed Why You Need A Commercial Inspection. In this… Read more »

Why You Need a Commercial Inspection

When you are a commercial business owner, you want your commercial properties to be the face of your business. The buildings need to reflect the image you are trying to have your clients or customers perceive. There are various types of commercial businesses that can use a commercial inspection: office and retail buildings, apartment complexes… Read more »


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