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Keeping Your Home Safe From Radon

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, radon contributes to an estimated 20,000 deaths from lung cancer each year. It is a tragic statistic, but can be avoided by taking simple, preventive action to protect yourself and your family.

For years, Nordic Home Inspection has worked to protect countless homes throughout the Fargo, Moorhead and neighboring areas from the threat of radon. The electronic radon testing for gas begins the second Nordic Home Inspection enters your home and starts monitoring your living area for a minimum of 48 hours. After which time, homeowners may receive hourly and average radon readings with instant, life-saving results.

In pressing health situations, there is no need to delay the process by shipping old-fashioned home kits to a lab. Time is of the essence here, with your health being the highest priority. Hour-by-hour measurements of radon can mean days and even years added onto your life. Therefore, it should never be a question if it’s worth it, but rather, when to start.

Trust Nordic Home Inspection, and you receive the promise of instant, urgent care at a moment’s notice. For any inquiries on how to begin this process, contact Nordic Home Inspection today for a quick assessment. We look forward to hearing from you.

All You Need to Know About Radon


As of January 2019, the state of Minnesota requires that any radon professional conducting radon testing in Minnesota (MN) must be licensed with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).

Nordic Companies has 3 licensed professionals currently,


MN requires licensed radon professionals to submit detailed quarterly reports, proof of continued education, and use calibrated equipment.

Other MN requirements may raise some questions to buyers, and sellers of homes in Minnesota. The following are some of the requirements of the MDH.

Non-interference agreement

MN now requires the licensed radon measurement technicians to make a reasonable effort to verbally and in writing to inform the clients of the required test conditions, the individuals responsible for the property is required to sign a non-interference agreement that indicates knowledge of the testing conditions, and the willingness to cooperating in maintaining the required test conditions.

Closed building conditions

Short-term measurements of two- or-three days in length, the property must have closed-building conditions a minimum of 12-hours before the radon test begins.

If closed house conditions were not met when test was activated the test period must be extended 12 hours, and the average of the test results shall exclude the first 12 hours of the test.

Duplicate Tests

MN requires a duplicate test for every 10th radon test conducted. So that means a second monitor must be placed 4-8” away from the first monitor in these instances. Both test results must be read and reported to the client, and the results of those two tests must be averaged for the official reading.

More monitors are due to different foundation types

MN requires one radon monitor placed for each foundation type. If a home has a traditional basement, a crawlspace and a slab-on-grade addition that is part of the home, that home will need to have three radon monitors placed, and three test results are given to our client. One for the basement, a second in the finished space above the crawl space, and a third for the slab-on-grade room. This change will not affect most homes, but for homes that have had additions and remodels, it may very well mean several tests being placed at the same time.

Nordic Companies caters to real estate transactions when preforming radon testing. We give quick turnaround, with 48-hour testing, and we use continuous electronic monitors that give an hour-by-hour breakdown of the test results, we are NRPP certified, and an independent third party.

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Keeping Your Home Safe From Radon

Home Radon Testing Moorhead ND

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