Home Inspection Services in Wahpeton, ND

You wouldn’t buy a car without popping the hood on it and kicking the tires a few times. You also wouldn’t buy a new outfit without taking it into a dressing room to try it on. So why would you buy something as expensive as a new house in Wahpeton, ND without having a home inspection done first? Nordic Home Inspection can provide you with a complete home inspection and let you know what kind of condition a house is in before you agree to buy it. We’re the only ASHI certified home inspector in North Dakota and can set you up with the home inspection services you need to invest in a house with complete confidence.

Wahpeton, ND Certified Home & Property Inspector

During a home inspection, Nordic Home Inspection will evaluate a house from top to bottom to let you know if there are any potential problems. Our certified inspector will check out the roof, the foundation, the plumbing and electrical systems, the heating and cooling system, the attic and crawlspace, doors and windows, appliances, and just about everything else inside and outside of the home. We can also test for mold, radon, and asbestos to make sure you won’t face any health risks when moving into a home.

Should You Hire a Professional Home Inspector Before Purchasing Your New Home in Wahpeton, ND?

There is nothing worse than buying something and finding out it has all sorts of problems. This goes for everything from cars and clothes to homes, condominiums, townhouses, and apartments. Nordic Home Inspection can make sure you don’t find any surprises in a home after purchasing it by supplying you with a home inspection. You’ll get access to an experienced and certified inspector that will answer all your questions while uncovering issues within a home you’re interested in buying. It’ll provide you with peace of mind when you take ownership of a house.

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