Well Inspections and Well Water Testing Services

Nordic Home Inspection is no longer offering Well Water Inspections/Testing and Septic Inspections.

Nordic Home Inspection provides well inspection services to property owners throughout the area, including to clients in Fargo, ND, Grand Forks, ND, Detroit Lakes, ND and Wahpeton, ND.  

Well inspections are a critical part of the home buying process; after all, this is the water you and your family are going to use on a daily basis, and you want to make sure that all systems are a go, and your water source is functioning as it should.

We’ll check to make sure the well on a property is working properly and that the pressure and flow are suitable. Is there anything worse than having little-to-no water pressure when you’re trying to take a shower or do the dishes?

Please note, in addition to well inspections, we also test the water for contaminants at an extra charge. Contact us for more details.