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KFGO Radio Interview

Lars Knobloch was featured on the KFG Morning Show giving some expert advice on dealing with cave-ins, ice dams, and flooding in your basement.  Collapses are the concern for home owners in the winter because snow can pile up on a roof, and Lars explains what home owners should do when they have concerns throughout… Read more »

The Jay Thomas Radio Show

Radio Interview With Jay Thomas From: WDAY 970 AM / 93.1 FM Lars Knobloch joins the Jay Thomas Show to talk about home inspections during the winter and what to do when there are ice dams and water leaking into homes. Lars gives some explanation on the reasons for ice dams, and how to find… Read more »

KVRR Local News Interview

An Interview with Emily Welker – February 22, 2019 From: KVRR Local News It’s “Snow” Joke… As if it’s not tough enough to survive out in the elements in our extreme snow, ice and cold temperatures, now you need to worry about the conditions it’s creating inside your home, too. We’re talking about snow buildup… Read more »

Real Estate Radio Interview

Radio Interview – February 17, 2019 From Hatch Realty Here is the transcribed interview: FARGO – Lars Knobloch of Nordic Home Inspection sits down with Erik Hatch of Hatch Realty for a video interview. Erik: Lars, you are a home inspector, you work with mold, radon, and all those things. Why? Lars: We are really… Read more »

Real Estate Radio Interview

An Interview with Erik Hatch – Sep 30, 2018 From: Hatch Realty This is the man behind Nordic Home Inspection, Lars Knobloch who sits down with Erik Hatch, the host of Hatch Realty radio. Erik: All right gang, back from the depths of not being on the radio for the last couple of months, but… Read more »

Bismarck News Article – KXNET

Bismarck Newspaper Article – Originally Posted November 07, 2016 By Bismarck News KXNET Fargo, ND (WDAY/WDAZ News) – It may not feel like it this Sunday, but winter is almost here and that can be bad news for your wallet. People enjoyed the sunshine on Sunday, throwing football, walking their dogs, and playing at the… Read more »

Wood foundation, a disaster waiting to happen?

I feel sorry for the wood foundation. Not because it’s terribly unsound – because it’s not. Not because it’s known to settle or have chronic moisture problems, because that’s not true either. I am not sure where it’s coming from, but we commonly hear concerns about the wood foundation from home buyers. I have even… Read more »