Hatch Realty's Real Estate Radio - Meet Lars Knobloch

An Interview with Erik Hatch – Sep 30, 2018

From: Hatch Realty

This is the man behind Nordic Home Inspection, Lars Knobloch who sits down with Erik Hatch, the host of Hatch Realty radio.

Erik: All right gang, back from the depths of not being on the radio for the last couple of months, but he’s here today. The man, the myth, the Norwegian legend Mr. Lars Knobloch. How are you brother?

Lars: I’m doing pretty good

Erik: Everybody here is Norwegian, but you’re actually from Norway. How’d you end up in the states? It’s a lovely story.

Lars: Actually…I met a girl from here. That is how it goes, you have to do what the woman tells you. If they say jump, you jump. If they say move, you move.

Erik: Lars, you’ve been in the states now for how many years?

Lars: About nine.

Erik: And before you came to the United States, you were like a master dude over in Norway with all things having to do with homes right? What was your job back in Norway?

Lars: I was working in construction remodeling and building. There’s a lot of old houses in Norway that remodel, we work with insurance companies and remodeling from water damage and stuff like that.

Erik: And now you find yourself in the United States, and you’ve been doing home inspections since you’ve basically been here right? So, nine years into home inspections, and how many home inspections do you think you’ve done over the course of nine years. How many houses have you been in?

Lars: It is somewhere between 5 and 6 thousand, I think.

Erik: And you’re in about three a day now aren’t you?

Lars: three or four yes.

Erik: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen?

Lars: You know there’s so many things I’ve seen, I don’t really know where to begin. I’ve seen people drying their meat in their attic. I just came over the other day on an adult diaper hanging in the attic, and I don’t know what kind of a ritual that was. I’m not really sure. The fire department had to come out a couple of times to our inspections from a thermostat that was overheating and nearly burning down the house that was vacant at the time. Another was a beehive in the flue for the gas fireplace.

Summary: Lars Knobloch Taking Care of People’s Homes

Lars talks about his work experience in Norway, and how he made it over to the United States. He has been doing thousands of home inspections over 9 years, and he has seen some pretty interesting things when inspecting homes. It’s routine for him these days, and he attacks every type of situation with the home.